Does this sound familiar?

You’re facing challenges marketing your product to businesses, developers, or cybersecurity experts.

You’re having difficulty
targeting your audience

Your target customers are tech-savvy and easily turned off by traditional sales and marketing approaches.

You’re not sure
how to get through to them

You’re having trouble finding and connecting with them in a way that presents your brand as credible and builds trust.

You don’t know what
content will work

You struggle to create relevant content that will appeal to your target audience, and generate views, clicks, and shares.

How Growtika can help

Our background is in tech, not traditional marketing. So everything we do is imagined from the perspective of your end-user. We know where they hang out. We know what they like - and dislike. We know what they read, what they watch, what they talk about

Our Services


Credible Content

Our network of writers creates well-researched content that resonates with your audience by speaking to them in their language and reflecting current trends.


Community Awareness

We push your message out via a network of specialist bloggers and technical writers to generate third-party buzz and build your credibility in the relevant circles.


Targeted Promotion

We target the communities and forums where your customers spend time, to amplify your content, create hype and drive traffic, signups, and conversions.


Organic Growth

This drives organic growth, building your reputation across your target audience, and providing a solid base of social proof that inspires confidence in your brand.



As your social reach grows, so does your ranking for relevant terms, ensuring that your brand and your product achieve and maintain prominent search positioning.


PR For Developers

We transform the way your brand and your product is perceived within the communities you are targeting, building a foundation of trust and credibility.

Our Methods


Reverse Content Research

We analyze millions of search results, social trends, and data points to identify the content ideas that best match the interests of your target audience to ensure engagement.

Content Creation

We distribute your message to writers and bloggers who create niche content around your offering which grabs your target audience’s attention and builds interest and excitement.

Content Amplification

We amplify your message through unconventional channels, boosting your reach, ranking, and authority and generating inbound inquiries, signups or sales.

Measuring And Improving

We measure the response from your audience throughout the content lifecycle, monitoring feedback, comments, and sentiment and adjusting our approach accordingly.

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