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Attracting and engaging developers can be a challenge, but with B2D PR Agency, it doesn't have to be. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping software companies establish their brands and build trust with their target audience. We focus on building solid site foundations, crafting a strategic PR plan, creating high-quality content, and securing organic mentions in top-tier publications. Utilizing our connections and skills ensures that your brand becomes a recognized authority in the developer community.

Quality Developers-Focused Content and Hands-on Experience

Creating high-quality technical content that’s both insightful and supports your company's SEO efforts is vital to building a strong online presence in the industry. At B2D PR Agency, we understand the importance of reaching out to and engaging with the right audience. Our team of professional developers with writing skills can help you create engaging and informative content that appeals to professionals in the development industry and position your brand as an authority in the field. We can also help get developers hands-on experience with your product, which can result in them writing about it, further promoting your brand, and increasing trust with your target audience.

SEO For Developer-led Startups

We understand that SEO is not just about following a checklist but creating a customized approach that considers the latest search engine guidelines, algorithm updates, competitor analysis, and more. Our team specializes in the latest SEO techniques and strategies to boost your online visibility and drive traffic, organic reach, rankings, site performance, and ROI. With our comprehensive SEO solutions, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, competitor analysis, link building, and more, we ensure your website is mobile-friendly, secure, and optimized for search engines. Trust Growtika to take your B2D company's online visibility to the next level.

Maximize Your B2D Potential with Growtika

We get it; software companies have their own set of problems when it comes to PR. Between constantly changing PPC rates, new competitors willing to spend big to impress investors, and users who use ad-blockers and have countless alternatives, it can feel tough to get noticed. That's where we come in. We've been building our network of talented tech writers and connecting with top-tier publications for years. Our expertise in crafting SEO-friendly PR strategies and transforming unknown brands into industry leaders makes us the go-to B2D PR agency.

B2D PR Services


In-depth technical Content

Maximize your brand's impact with high-quality technical content from our expert writers.


Reach Developers Directly with Community Awareness

Our extensive network of developers helps spread the word about your brand and product, leading to increased usage and genuine product reviews. Let us help drive organic growth and enhance your developer marketing efforts.


Targeted Promotions

Our team provides expert guidance to help you effectively reach your target audience. With thorough research, we identify the online communities where your customers are active and provide actionable advice to maximize your outreach, driving website traffic, signups, and conversions. You drive the promotion, we steer the direction.


B2D Growth Hacks

In the fast-paced world of software development, every advantage counts. That's why we've honed our growth hacking strategies specifically for B2D companies, delivering quick wins and a sustainable competitive edge. Say goodbye to slow, traditional methods and hello to explosive growth with our expert team.


Revamped SEO Solutions for B2D & B2B SaaS

Get ahead of the game with our targeted SEO services designed for B2D and B2B SaaS companies. Our expert team conducts comprehensive competitor analysis, keyword research, and implements technical and on-page optimization to ensure top rankings on search engines. With our tailored approach, your brand will reach the right developer audience.


Effective B2D PR Solutions

High-Impact B2D PR Services Our B2D PR services are designed to elevate your brand to the level of an industry authority and leader. We leverage our extensive network of top-tier publications and popular community-based sites to create a comprehensive PR strategy that delivers high-impact results and establishes your brand as a thought leader in the developer community.


Reverse Content Research

We analyze millions of search results, social trends, and data points to identify the content ideas that best match the interests of your target audience to ensure engagement.

Content Creation

We distribute your message to writers and bloggers who create niche content around your offering, which grabs your target audience’s attention and builds interest and excitement.

Content Amplification

We amplify your message through unconventional channels, boosting your reach, ranking, and authority and generating inbound inquiries, signups, or sales.

Measuring And Improving

We measure the response from your audience throughout the content lifecycle, monitoring feedback, comments, and sentiment and adjusting our approach accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What is B2D?

B2D stands for Business-to-Developer. It refers to companies that target developers or software engineers as their primary customer base and provide products and services specifically for their needs.

+What challenges do software companies face when promoting their product?

Software companies face several challenges when promoting their product to developers, including:

  1. Competition: The software industry is highly competitive, and many alternative tools and solutions are available to developers, making it difficult to stand out.
  2. Ad-Blocking: End-users often use ad-blockers, which reduces the effectiveness of traditional advertising methods and makes it harder to reach developers.
  3. Cost: PPC (pay-per-click) rates are constantly changing, and new competitors may be willing to spend disproportionate amounts of money on marketing activities to show growth to their investors.
  4. Technicality: Software products and solutions can be highly technical, which makes it difficult to communicate the value proposition to a developer audience clearly and compellingly.
  5. Evolving Industry: The software industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging regularly, making it challenging to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in developer marketing.
  6. Savvy and Discriminating Target Audience: Developers are highly intelligent and discerning audiences. They are constantly bombarded with advertisements and new products, making them immune to traditional marketing tactics. This requires B2D marketers to take a strategic and thoughtful approach, focusing on building trust and credibility with their target audience over time. Only then will developers take the time to consider and ultimately adopt your software solution.

+When is the right timing to launch a developer marketing campaign?

The answer to this question depends on each software company’s unique needs, but it’s important to understand that solid foundations are crucial in the developer world. However, developers often support new and upcoming projects if they are impressed with the technology behind them. Early engagement with the developer community can lead to passionate brand ambassadors, which can help you scale faster.

Instead of waiting until your company is established, consider starting your developer marketing campaign as soon as your product is ready for market. You can attract early adopters who will spread the word and help lay the foundation for long-term growth. Make sure your product is polished and your messaging is clear and compelling. Don’t let the fear of not being a “big enough” company hold you back from reaching your full potential in the developer space.

+What are the common mistakes B2D and B2B SaaS companies make?

One common mistake B2D and B2B SaaS companies make are relying solely on PPC advertising to drive traffic and awareness for their brand. While PPC can provide immediate results, it can also make the company vulnerable to changes in pricing and competition. On the other hand, investing in a comprehensive SEO strategy can drive valuable traffic, establish brand awareness, and provide a protective foundation for PPC campaigns, making the company less susceptible to changes in the advertising landscape. B2D and B2B SaaS companies need to understand the importance of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that includes PPC and SEO.


+What is B2D PR?

B2D PR is a specialized form of public relations tailored specifically for software companies targeting developers. It aims to address the unique challenges of promoting products and open-source projects to a highly technical audience. B2D PR focuses on building relationships with technical community-oriented publications that publish in-depth, highly technical articles that resonate with developers. By leveraging these relationships, B2D PR agencies help software companies establish credibility and thought leadership in their respective domains.

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