Quora Marketing: The Complete Guide For 2023

Marketers’ lives are becoming increasingly difficult with every passing year. If you work for a B2B or B2D company, you’ll know what I mean. Your target audience uses ad-blockers and sees a high number of advertisements every day, making them numb to marketing campaigns that would have worked several years ago.

When it comes to creatively advertising to your target audience at the right moment, consulting Quora’s guidance should be a priority. This Quora marketing guide aims to teach you all you need to know about the largest Q&A site in the world: how to find the right questions to answer, what makes answers on Quora go viral and how to make sure you answer questions not only for traffic but also for SEO purposes, as well as many more.

Before we begin, let me give you some context about Quora from a personal perspective.

As a marketer, I’m constantly looking for the best way to drive high-quality traffic to our client’s sites. In many cases, high-quality traffic from Reddit, HN, and similar sites, isn’t showing impressive results when it comes to conversions. When you think about the intent of the reader, it makes sense. People who visit /r/programming on Reddit for instance, want to catch up on the latest news and read good content about programming. Most of them are not looking to buy or sign up for new products.

If your main KPI is traffic, Quora is probably not the right choice for you. The potential traffic you can get from Quora (especially for software companies) is not nearly as much as the traffic you can get from other Reddit-like sites. But, with the right SEO research (which we will discuss later in this article), the traffic that you will get from Quora is much more likely to convert in a positive way.

And with that, let’s learn how to use Quora the right way for your startup.

Quora Basics: From 'What is Quora?' to Account Setup

Founded in June 2009 and made live in June 2010, Quora is a popular question and answers (Q&A) website where anyone can ask and answer questions. With more than 810 million page views per month (as of Oct 2022), Quora is the most popular Q&A website on the internet. A major reason for Quora's success is its brilliantly designed UX/UI, large database of talented writers, and well-designed algorithm, which rewards top writers with massive exposure.

For those of you who are already familiar with Quora, feel free to skip this chapter and move on to the next one. In this chapter, I’ll briefly cover the basics of Quora and what you need to know to get started.

How to Set Up Your Quora Account?

  • Go to Quora.com and sign up using your email, or by linking to your Gmail/Facebook.

Quora Sign Up

  • Follow the topics you care about the most; your feed will display a selection of questions and answers relating to these topics. Don’t worry, you can change it later.

Sign up screen Quora - Select topics to follow

After you have opened a Quora account and verified it, you will be directed to a dashboard that will look like this (I’m using a dark version, which is possible to modify in settings):

Quora Dashboard Explained


The left part is your spaces/topics feed which shows all the topics you follow. The middle part is your feed, presenting a mixture of questions and answers related to the topics you follow.

How to Make Your Quora Profile Stand Out?

Creating a well-presented Quora profile can help you stand out from the crowd, make people remember your name, and even drive people to your site.

Let’s go over Asim Qureshi’s profile. Besides being one of my favorite Quora writers, Asim is also a Quora top writer and a marketing genius. His answers generate millions of views every month.

Asim Qureshi quora profile

So, what makes Asim’s profile great:

  • Well presented and good quality profile picture.
  • Straight to the point credentials: Quora credentials is a 50-character catchphrase that appears under your name on your profile. The millions of people who visit Asim’s profile know right away that he is the CEO of Jibble, which is great for branding.
  • Profile Description: This is where you can use your creativity to attract people to your site. Write briefly about yourself or your company and why it’s worth checking out. Link to your Linkedin, Twitter, or other relevant channels that can show people more about yourself and your activities. If your Quora answers are good enough, people will be curious and want to delve further into what you do.

How to Use Quora Credentials the Right Way?

Quora lets you customize your credentials for each answer you write. The idea behind this is to give readers context right away. It tells them why you’re a credible source for answering that particular question. In the examples below, Asim has answered two different questions. The first question is university-related, and Asim’s credentials show he has an MA in Physics from Oxford University. You might wonder why he is not showing his company name, the answer is being viewed by many people after all. In my opinion, the main reason is that the Quora algorithm favors credentials that suit the answer. Stating that he studied at Oxford is providing more legitimacy to his answer than stating he is the CEO of Jibble would.

In the second question, Asim’s credentials state he is the CEO of Jibble for obvious reasons.

Asim Credentials edits on Quora Growtika


The Importance of Quora Marketing for Your Business

It's no secret that marketing is essential to the success of a company. You've likely tried a variety of marketing channels, from online ads to popular forums like Reddit, to reach new users within your target audience and grow your company. But have you considered using Quora as a marketing channel? With over 300 million unique visitors per month, an abundance of questions and answers that are indexed in high places on search engines, Quora should be high on your list of marketing opportunities to try.

Here are three reasons why Quora should be one of your top used marketing channels:

Reach your target audience at the right moment: To better understand how valuable Quora is, we should first briefly go over the buyer’s journey structure. The sales funnel is a marketing model that visualizes the journey of prospects as they become customers. It’s called a “funnel” because, at each stage of the journey, fewer prospects remain. The stages of the sales funnel are:

TOFU (Top of Funnel) – The TOFU stage is when prospects first become aware of your product or service.

MOFU (Middle of Funnel) – The MOFU stage is when prospects are considering your product or service.

BOFU (Bottom of Funnel) – The BOFU stage is when prospects are ready to buy your product or service.lajnsamaa

With Quora you can reach people mid-funnel, which is considered to be the best time to influence your target audience. Selecting the right questions to answer, and being there when your target audience is looking for a valuable and trustworthy answer, can drive great traffic to your site, promoting brand awareness and credibility within your industry.

Improve brand presence: By doing in-depth SEO research to find strategic questions to answer, you can put your name before your target audience (be it developers, decision-makers or investors) over and over again in a positive context. Quora might be a small part of the puzzle of your entire marketing strategy, but it can have a great impact on your entire sales funnel.

Quora Marketing Funnel

Become a thought leader: Becoming a thought leader is a difficult task. In many cases, tech founders spend extreme amounts just to get opportunities to write articles for different popular publications. These publications are likely to limit those who wish to contribute articles with strict guidelines, like not including links to the author’s website, making the entire effort feel less worthy. Even if you do get the chance to add a few links to your site, you might still be disappointed with the traffic those articles drive to visit it. Quora can be a great alternative. When used effectively, Quora can be a powerful tool for building your reputation as a thought leader. Writing good answers on Quora can lead to mass exposure.

In some cases, if your answer goes viral, you can get featured on top-tier sites like Forbes and Huffpost.

For example, look at this Forbes article:

Quora answer being featured on Forbes

The article features a Quora answer written by Garret Reisman. This mention gives Garret great exposure and increased professionalism for being mentioned on one of the most prestigious sites in the world. Quora provides an excellent opportunity for thought leaders to share their ideas and insights with a wider audience.


Useful Quora Statistics for Marketers

Based on the latest report from Quora, over 109 million users follow technology as a topic, and content related to technology receives over 400 million views a month.

Quora views on technology related content

Quora claims its audience is:

Statistics about Quora Users

Based on Ahrefs, Quora ranks on the first page of Google (top 10 results) for over 5 million different search terms.

how many keywords quora ranked for on first page of google


How to Find the Right Quora Questions to Answer

If you have used Quora and answered a few questions, you have likely noticed that it can be difficult to identify which are worth answering and spending time on. In this section we will show you how to quickly run keyword research to help you find the best questions to answer on Quora.

With millions of questions being asked on Quora, finding the right questions to answer becomes tricky. Having keyword research in place can help you focus on questions that are strategically important for your branding and SEO efforts. If you already have keyword research, you can use that. In case the research is still in progress, we can show you how to create keywords research quickly and effectively.

Run a Keywords Research

Keyword research helps you focus on Quora questions that will benefit your SEO efforts. Standard keyword research allows you to focus on shorter search terms; however, in my experience, Quora marketing shows the best results when you create a dedicated Q&A keywords research, focusing mostly on long tail keywords.

Let’s assume you have built a code analysis and debugging tool for developers. You can use AnswerThePublic for free (with limited daily searches) to find out what people are searching on Google. Combine it with the SurferSEO Chrome extension, which can help by revealing search volumes right on your Google search, and you have the perfect coupling for keyword research.

Let’s search on AnswerThePublic for your most broad topic, in this case ‘debugging’. Make sure you choose your target region and language, then click ‘Search’.

AnswerThePublic Search for Debugging

By default, most of the data will be displayed like this:

Debugging Questions

Click on the data for a much more convenient overview. You can export the file by clicking on Download CSV in the top-right corner of the screen.

Keywords research GIF using answerthepublic SEO tool


After scrolling down the page, I found a few subtopics I’d like to dive into a little more:

python debugging example growtika (1)

I can run AnsewerThePublic again for each of those keywords separately to find more related keywords.

Once you have installed the SurferSEO extension, your Google search will also show you the search volume for the keywords you look for:

example of google search on surferSEO showing search volume - Growtika

You can click on the star icon to save any of the keywords. On the right side of your screen, use the ‘Keyword Ideas’ to find more relevant keywords. Then, click on ‘Clipboard’ to find all the keywords you saved:

Using SurferSEO GIF

Why is Keywords Research Important for Quora Marketing?

Preparation is the key to your success, and when it comes to Quora marketing, keywords research can help you better understand which topics to focus on, how popular these topics are, and how difficult it is to rank for them. Thus, it can help you find more relevant long tail keywords that you can use for your other marketing channels (blogs, Medium, etc.).

Finding Quora Questions to Answer

Found a question you think you’d like to answer? Here are some things to ask yourself to help determine if the question is worth answering for you:

  • Is the question relevant to my expertise or interests?
  • Can I give any insight or value to the readers that other people who answered the question didn’t mention?
  • Does the question have a good amount of views and engagement?
  • Is the question already answered by top writers?
  • Is the question ranked on Google and can it help with my SEO activities?

If you can answer most of these with a yes, then the question is probably worth answering. Remember that you don’t need to answer every Quora question within your niche. With time you’ll learn how to pick the right questions to answer that are more likely to get a good amount of views and drive traffic to your site.

Searching for a Quora question to answer is easy, but it will get to a point where Quora’s search will feel inefficient. I like to use Quora search and Google to build a keywords bank before I begin answering questions.

On Quora, search for one of the keywords you found in your keyword research. Then, click on the first result.

Searching for python Debugging on Quora

Quora search results might be a bit overwhelming at first sight; click on ‘Questions’ and then play with the time frame filter to help provide you with a helpful ordering of questions. Older questions are more likely to have higher views and also higher competition (more people who answered).


Quora search result for Python Debugging

Another way to find Quora questions around your target keyword is by using Google.

Go to Google.com and search for:

site:https://www.quora.com/ python debugging

Use google search to find Quora questions worth answering


Create a document with all the relevant questions you find. To keep it organized, I recommend mentioning the focus keyword that led you to each question.

Quora Questions Bank Example

How to Answer Quora Questions the Right Way

Answering Quora questions the right way can drive views to your answer, traffic to your site, and brand awareness for your profile and company. But with thousands of people writing answers on Quora within your niche, how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you write an answer that will be loved by people and the Quora algorithm? What makes an answer go viral or make its way into Quora Digest?

In this chapter, we will dive into all these topics and learn the right Quora answer structure that will help you achieve your goals.

o better understand how to write a good answer on Quora, we should first cover how the Quora algorithm works.

Quora ranks insightful answers based on different parameters. In a Quora answer (written seven years ago), they shed some light on their ranking system:

  • Upvotes and downvotes on the answer, in part based on how trustworthy they are in a given topic.
  • The previous answers written by the author.
  • Whether the author is an expert in the subject.
  • The contents of the answer, including the type and quality of content (words, photos and links).
  • Other signals, including ones that help us prevent gaming of ranking through votes.

Quora Answer about how their algorithm works


Having written answers on Quora for years, I believe their algorithm also tends to favor (unconfirmed data):

  • Traffic: Sharing your Quora answer and driving traffic to it can have a positive impact on answer ranking.
  • Internal linking: By linking to another Quora page/answer, you keep the readers on the site, making your answer strategically more important for Quora. Since word count is also a factor Quora considers, I believe that internal linking can be equivalent to the bounce rate on Google analytics. If your answers can keep readers on Quora for more time, it makes sense their algorithm will give it priority.
  • Bullet points and bold text: Search engines love bullet points and might display the answer in Position Zero. Bullet points and bold text can make your answer stand out and make it more comfortable to read, while also giving your reader’s eyes an easier structure than other answers, which might just be long paragraphs without much space between them.
  • Quora comments and shares: These activities create more engagement around your answer and can signal to the Quora algorithm that your answer should rank highly.


Here’s an example of a great answer written by Ken Gregg. By following a similar structure (when possible), you will increase the chances of your answer getting more engagement:

How quora answer should look like - Example of good structure

Quora SEO: How to Leverage Quora the Right Way for SEO

This is a bonus section where I will share with you a method I've developed that helped me rank for hundreds of different Quora answers. Quora by itself is a great site, and the benefits of answering Quora questions are mentioned in this article numerous times. But what if answering questions on Quora could have a direct impact on your SEO efforts?
In this chapter, I’ll teach you a small (yet useful) trick I'm using to find hundreds of different opportunities.

SEO is a long process. Creating high-quality content on your website and building backlinks will speed up the process, but only to a certain point. What if you could rank on Google’s first page for a few of your focus keywords within days?

Here at Growtika we help our clients rank for hundreds of keywords in no time using many different growth hack methods that we have developed in-house. This simple Quora SEO method can be used to find questions that are already ranked high on search engines around your target keywords. By answering those questions using the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to boost the ranking of your answer, which in turn gives you a quick way to rank high on Google.

I’m using Ahrefs to find these opportunities. Search for quora.com, and click on ‘Organic Keywords‘.

Ahrefs Quora search

In the next window, click on ‘Position‘. For the limit, insert the number 10 (first ten results on Google), and click ‘Apply.’

Quora organic search Ahrefs example

Next, click on ‘Keyword‘, change it from ‘Exact Match‘ to ‘Partial Match‘, and insert the focus keyword you want to target (one of the keywords you found using the Quora keywords research I showed you above). In this case, instead of ‘debugging’, I will write ‘debug’, since the partial match search will now show both options. I clicked ‘Apply’ and have found 133 Quora answers that rank on the first page of Google and contain my target keyword in the title.

Filtering Ahrefs to find quora answers SEO research

Repeat this method for all your target keywords, write high-quality answers and enjoy the full power of Quora marketing for your startup.


I hope through reading this article I have provided an insight as to why Quora is a marketing channel you should consider for your startup. Keep in mind that your main goal should be giving people valuable information, teaching them new things, and helping them find the answers they are looking for. If you liked this guide, please show your support by sharing it with others. If you are looking for a marketing agency for your startup, feel free to contact us. The tricks and methods in this article are just the tip of the iceberg of our growth hacking team's capabilities.


What is Quora Marketing?

Quora is a popular Q&A platform with a vast user base. Developing a Quora marketing strategy can help businesses tap into this audience and drive traffic to their websites. It involves creating valuable content, engaging with the community, and targeting the right audience to establish authority and drive conversions.

Is Quora a good platform for driving traffic to my website?

Quora can be a valuable platform to drive traffic to your website if used properly. However, it’s important to avoid abusing the platform by constantly linking back to your site in every answer. Instead, focus on providing value to the community, answering questions genuinely, and only including links when it’s natural and relevant to the conversation. It’s crucial to understand the platform and the needs of its users and to maintain a healthy balance between answers that link back to your site and those that don’t. Doing so can drive targeted traffic to your site and build a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable authority in your field.

What types of businesses can benefit from Quora marketing?

Quora marketing can benefit any business, regardless of its size or industry. By conducting thorough keyword research and identifying your niche’s most relevant and highly ranked questions, you can provide valuable and insightful answers that demonstrate your expertise and authority. This can help establish trust with potential customers and drive traffic to your website, boosting your brand awareness and sales.

Author Yuval

Yuval, an expert in SEO with over a decade of experience, helps startups simplify their digital marketing strategies. With a focus on practical solutions and a track record of success as a digital nomad and successful company builder, he drives growth through effective SEO, growth hacking, and creative marketing.